Polen: Orthodox hierarchs on media, Ukraine, Macedonian Church

On Tuesday, April 4, the Council of Bishops of the Polish Orthodox Church gathered in Warsaw to discuss both external and internal matters, reports the Church press service. Of note, the letter of Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria regarding the situation in Africa with the Russian Orthodox Church’s African Exarchate was read. A letter from Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia was also read, on the recognition and liturgical-canonical union with the Macedonian Orthodox Church, and “It was decided to enter into prayer and liturgical union with the Church of Macedonia.”

This decision is essentially a confirmation of what was already decided in October. The Polish Church reported at that time: “The information from the Serbian Patriarch about the independence of the Orthodox Church in North Macedonia was read. The Holy Council of Bishops joyfully took note of this information and confirmed the prayerful connection with the given Church.”

And regarding inter-Orthodox relations, the hierarchs called once again for a pan-Orthodox meeting to address the divisions that currently afflict the Church, emphasizing that the Council of Bishops "regrets the division of world Orthodoxy, intensified by the current situation of the Church in Ukraine. The Holy Synod maintains its position on convening a meeting of the primates of the Local Churches in order to overcome the divisions. Due to the destructive reality of the Church in Ukraine, the holy Council of Bishops of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church upholds all previous resolutions." Recall that the Polish hierarchs have repeatedly condemned the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” as schismatics. They have also condemned the war in Ukraine and the Polish Church is very active in helping Ukrainian refugees.

The Council also referred to recent interviews, statements, and articles in the media that seek to destabilize, marginalize, and degrade the Polish Church and Church life, to “discourage citizens from the Church.” “This information is intentional and malicious, false and unreal,” the Church report reads. The Council thus calls on all the clergy and faithful to unity and prayerful vigilance, “because only this can protect the ecclesiastical body, which is the Church of the Living God, from the aggressive activities of the secularized world.”

And regarding the 100th anniversary of the autocephaly of the Polish Church next year, a commission was appointed to develop a program of celebrations. (Quelle: www.orthochristian.com, 6. April 2023)