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Ukraine: Armenian activists willing to restore ancient temple in Crimea

19. April 2018
The NGO “Local Armenian National-Cultural Autonomy of Municipal Education in Bielogorsk District” initiated a project for the revival of St Elias Church of the X-XIV centuries, the ruins of which rest in the Bielogorsk district of the annexed Crimea, near Bagate village, reports Religion in Ukraine citing “This church is a heritage of Armenian culture, architecture and urban planning. And we are determined not only to reconstruct the architectural ensemble in its original form, but also to bring back the church’s cultural, historical and religious purpose,” said Murad Melkonyan, the head of the public organization.

They want to restore the building of St Elias Church, the cells and household premises of the building, the walls of the fence of the monastery and the fountain. Two restoration projects are known. One was proposed in 1955 by the Simferopol branch of the “Dipromisto” Institute, and the second in 1983-1986 by “Ukrproektrestavratsiya”. But the projects remained on paper. “Now we are preparing all the necessary documents that would allow us to undertake reconstruction,” says Levon Melkonyan, the community activist. “We turned to the authorities at the local level, when we get the answers, then we go further, to the ministry, we will carry there the projects that for us, at our expense, a familiar architect agreed to do. We will ask for funding, look for patrons.”

Meanwhile, the activists plan a volunteer clean-up on the territory of the ancient temple. (Quelle:, 11. April 2018)