Ukraine: 120 clergymen of the UOC-MP joined the OCU since Russia launched the war against Ukraine

The Primate of the OCU, Metropolitan Epifaniy said this on May 24, in a speech at the Council of Bishops.

The Primate's report was published on the official website of the OCU.

“Since the onset of the large-scale aggression of Russia against Ukraine, about 400 religious communities, 120 clergymen and 2 monasteries have joined the OCU from the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Why do I say "about"? When preparing this report, we collected relevant data across the dioceses, but they are constantly changing: every day we report on the holding of meetings of religious communities and their decision to get out of dependence on the Russian Church.

Thus, as of to date, the total number of OCU communities is approximately 7,600, while the number of clergymen is approximately 4,900," Metropolitan Epifaniy said. (Quelle:, 26. Mai 2022)