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Griechenland: Rare footage of Mount Athos 100 years ago published online

31. Juli 2019

As reports, extremely rare footage from Mount Athos, shot in 1917 and 1918, has recently come to light online. The video is hosted on the YouTube channel “Mount Athos Film Archive / Αγιορειτική Ταινιοθήκη”, which was created not long ago. The first part of the video actually contains footage of the famous Greek monastery of the Great Meteoron, part of the larger Meteora complex, which is not located on Athos, but in the mountains overlooking the legendary plains of Thessaly. The majority of the video, however, is dedicated to Mount Athos, including old cross processions, general views of the impressive monasteries, and miscellaneous footage. Highlights include a 1917 cross procession from Vatopedi monastery to Karyes, and also a 1918 cross procession from Iveron monastery to Vatopedi. One of the most amazing monasteries in the world, Simonopetra, can be seen majestically hanging off the ancient cliffside overlooking the sea.

Such footage is like a window into the past, giving the feeling that you are there with the faithful. It is an interesting thought, whether the people in the video realized that on those very days, what they were doing would be watched by people one hundred years into the future. (Quelle:, 26. Juli 2019)