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Rumänien: Patriarch attends Parliament solemn session marking Centennial of Unified Romania Constitution

05. April 2023

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel on 27. March attended a solemn session held at the Romanian Parliament to mark the Centennial of the Constitution of Unified Romania (1923–2023). His Beatitude addressed the participants after the President of Romania and recalled the importance of the fundamental law adopted in 1923 for church life: “The great changes in a country’s history also generate changes to the Fundamental Law, which arise from the new realities and create the premises for important further developments in all spheres of society. Thus, the achievement of Romania’s independence in 1878 led to the proclamation of the Kingdom of Romania in 1881. On the ecclesiastical level, it made possible the recognition of the autocephaly of the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1885.

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