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Rumänien: Church remains most trusted institution

22. Dezember 2022

According to survey results presented at the Romanian Academy in Bucharest on December 15, the Orthodox Church remains the most trusted institution in Romania. Overall, according to the survey carried out under the auspices of the State Secretariat for Cults, 66.3% of Romanians says they place a lot of trust in the Church, reports Ziarul Lumina. This is slightly higher than in a survey conducted in January 2021. Moreover, more than 83% of the population confesses their religiosity through concrete manifestations, such as going to church.

91.6% of Romanians believe in God, while only 3% don’t. 26.6% go to church weekly, and 53.9% say prayers daily or almost daily, while 6.2% don’t pray at all. Religion is very important for 46.7% of Romanians, and 69.7% believe religious education is necessary in schools. 58.1% of Romanians believe religion is fundamental for their national identity. 60% declare that they wouldn’t vote for an atheist politician.

The survey was carried out from November 27 to December 9 with 1,000 people aged 18 and over. (Quelle:, 16. Dezember 2022)