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Liturgy is celebrated in Gibraltar for the first time in history of Russian Orthodox Church

09. März 2023

On March 4, the Saturday of the first week of the Great Lent, with a blessing of Metropolitan Nestor of Chersonesus and Western Europe, Patriarchal Exarch for Western Europe and temporary administrator of the Diocese of Spain-Portugal, the Divine Litrugy was celebrated in Gibraltar for the first time in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, the website of the Diocese of Spain-Portugal reports. The liturgy was celebrated in the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity by Rev. Aleksiy Chesnokov, a cleric of the Diocese of Spain-Portugal. The congregation consisted of worshippers of various nationalities - Russians, Ukrainians, Spaniards. Gibraltarians, Americans and Palestinians. The service was celebrated in Church Slavonic, English and Spanish, with one of the payers said in Greek and Arabic. After the Liturgy, the faithful continued their fellowship at a common meal. From this day on, divine services will be celebrated in Gibraltar on a regular basis. (Quelle:, 7. März 2023)