Montenegro: Metropolitan Amfilohije tests positive for Covid

. : Montenegro

Prior to this His Eminence spent the previous days in isolation and under constant medical supervision. Although it was determined today that his general health condition is in order and that he feels well, the COVID test confirmed that His Eminence has infected the virus, and subsequently was transported to the Clinic Center of Montenegro in Podgorica. He will remain there as long as the infection lasts. Despite testing positive the general consensus of the doctors is that the metropolitan's health condition is completely stable and under control.

This morning, October 7, 2020, the metropolitan is in stable health. He is under the constant care of a doctor at the Clinical Center of Montenegro, where he was placed yesterday after it was determined that he was positive for corona virus. We call on the brothers and sisters to pray fervently, full of faith and love, for the Metropolitan's speedy recovery, as well as for the health and recovery of all that are sick. (Quelle:, 7. Oktober 2020)